Internet is a tool which allows Internet users to generate additional income and attractive monthly income. If you do the job entrusted to you well, you will achieve financial freedom. Whether you are looking for serious work or an income supplement, you will find what you need on the web. You just have to discern the opportunities from the scams. Here are some tips for your search for serious money-making activities.

1 Paid online work requiring no special skills
1.1 Take part in the many paid missions
1.2 Some examples of reliable remunerative sites
2 Serious paid internet work requiring specific expertise
2.1 Integrate the field of content creation
2.2 Getting into the virtual assistant profession
2.3 Exploit your talent
2.4 Take advantage of your skills
3 Some platforms where to offer your services
3.2 Fiverr
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Paid online work requiring no special skills
Take part in the many paid missions

If you already have a job and just want to make ends meet, consider the following assignments. They do not require any special expertise. It will only take a little time for them. At first you will have to get used to it a bit. It is possible that the completion of the missions will take a little longer than expected. But over time, you will become familiar with your tasks. These won’t be as time consuming as they used to be.

Take paid surveys
In the list of paid assignments, the surveys manage to position themselves at the first place in the ranking. This task is especially suitable for people with the ability to clearly express their views on a particular product or service. In exchange for their contribution, everyone receives remuneration. This is distributed in the form of points. They can be exchanged for gifts or cash.

The remuneration received for the surveys is quite minimal. In order to obtain significant gains, it is advisable to register on many platforms. With this type of mission, you have to show sincerity and honesty. The more complex a survey, the more it will bring in an attractive salary. A survey can earn anywhere from a few cents to a few euros.

Respond to paid emails
If you are not a big fan of polls, then respond to e-mails online. With this mission your mailbox may be inundated with many mails. To avoid missing important emails, create a new address. Thus, all messages received through this mission will land directly in the new box.

Pay close attention to the content of each email. On certain occasions, you will be required to perform specific actions. You may have:

to register on sites;
watching advertisements, etc.
The missions are easy to perform, but you will have to follow the instructions to the letter.

Perform paid missions
On the web, Internet users can also participate in product tests. During this type of mission, you will have to choose an area that you master well. If you are more comfortable with cosmetics, find a platform that allows you to test this type of product. Thus, you can give an objective opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of the product to be tested.

For this type of mission, sites often prefer to pay testers with products. To avoid misunderstandings, be well informed about the conditions of the test.

Some examples of reliable profitable sites
On the web, multiple platforms offer paid assignments. Before you choose, make sure you are dealing with a reliable and secure site. If you are not careful enough, you could come across malicious platforms. In addition to stealing your personal data, it will not give you the agreed remuneration. Always opt for a site with a good reputation in the industry. Here are some examples of reliable platforms.

It is a real benchmark for paid surveys. But that’s not the only activity the site offers. Toluna also allows Internet users to participate in product tests.

This platform also offers paid surveys. It is accessible in different countries. Once registered on this site, you will be entitled to a welcome bonus of 5 euros. Swagbucks also allows Internet users to make some extra cash by shopping.

Moolinea and Loonéa
These are multi-remunerative sites belonging to the company JS Mededia Prod. They offer different kinds of missions like:

read and respond to paid emails;
participate in lotteries, contests;
take part in surveys;
publish statutes on social networks, etc.
Register on Moolinea first. When you are well established, then register on Loonéa. This method will allow you to obtain interesting additional income by completing more or less the same missions.

Serious paid internet work requiring specific expertise

If you do not want to take the path of salaried employment, you can start your own business on the net. For this, you can use your knowledge by becoming a freelance. Many interesting works are available on the Internet. You just have to find the domain that suits you best.

Enter the field of content creation
Web writing
To practice this profession, you must be able to provide good quality text and have an internet connection. It is not necessary to have knowledge of literature. The main thing is to have a good grasp of the basics of French. The content delivered to customers must comply with grammatical and syntactic rules. The web editor must be able to produce relevant content. In exchange for his texts, he will receive remuneration.

Some people manage to generate good income by becoming a blogger. If you want to integrate this medium, you will need to start your own blog. This should be fed regularly with different content. The themes chosen must meet the expectations of your targets. You will also have the opportunity to develop themes that appeal to you.

In order to earn a decent income from blogging, you need a sufficient audience. When you gain the interest of several Internet users, you can start monetizing your blog. There are many ways to generate income through blogging. For this, you have the choice between:

sell products, training;
integrate affiliate programs;
advertise, etc.
Video content creation
If you’re not that much of a fan of written content, you might as well get into video making. For this, it is necessary to register on a platform like YouTube and create your own channel. To stand out in the video content industry, you will need to find different themes that are likely to interest your target audience. When you get a big enough audience, you can monetize your channel.

Getting into the profession of virtual assistant
Because of their workloads, active people always have a busy schedule. At present, they are ready to hire the services of an assistant. They do not hesitate to offer a large salary to be supported by a well organized person. The role of the assistant is:

organize schedules;
respond to e-mails;
to take care of administrative formalities, etc.
You can do this job from home, but you will need a good internet connection. Becoming a virtual assistant doesn’t require you to have any specific education. However, you must still:

master the basics of French;
have good administrative skills;
have a good sense of organization.
Exploit your talent
If you have a particular talent, now is the time to harness it to generate income. Before, having an artistic talent was not enough to make a living. Now the situation has changed. Unleash your artistic talent to earn income.

Getting started in voiceover
How often do you receive compliments about your voice? Do you have a pleasant or sensual voice? How about getting into voiceover? To integrate this environment, you can move towards the field of advertising or short film. Admittedly, in this field, the requests are not really abundant, however, each job offers an interesting remuneration. You will need to have a good elocution to succeed in this profession.

Become a designer / designer
This profession requires both artistic and technical skills. On the web, people with these two areas of expertise can obtain attractive compensation. Companies are willing to pay people who can design:

a logo ;
visuals contributing to give a good graphic identity.
Self-employed workers are often called upon to accomplish these missions. The field of design is really lucrative for skilled people with talent.

To get interesting leads, consider creating a portfolio that contains your finest masterpieces. It will act as an argument to sell your expertise. Make sure you constantly improve your skills. Thus, you will be able to meet the expectations of customers, even the most demanding.

Take advantage of your skills
Learn about the profession of Community manager
Social networks have taken on a huge scale in the life of individuals, professionals, brands and businesses. The community manager will work to improve the reputation and image of his employer. It is a really promising profession because it allows access to multiple opportunities.

With the internet, brands can reach customers from different countries. If you have mastered a foreign language (Japanese, Russian, etc.) both written and spoken, now is the time to become a translator. You can practice this job remotely on behalf of a translation agency. Even if you don’t have a degree, go for it. The main thing is that you have mastered the basics of the language.

Video editing
Can you make great edits? If you have good creativity and technical skills to accomplish this mission, then go for it. Now is the time to offer your services to businesses, individuals, advertising agencies.

Some platforms where to offer your services

As soon as you have a particular skill, you are free to offer your services on micro-service platforms or “jobbing” sites. It’s an interesting way to take advantage of your knowledge and talent. Here are some examples of reliable sites.
This platform is accessible to both professionals and individuals. Its operation is quite easy. The seller offers micro-services which are accessible from 5 euros. If you are able to perform more complex services, then you can increase the price of your service.

Many freelancers offer their services on 5 euros. When you are starting out, you will feel a bit difficult to find clients. It will take patience and perseverance. If you get enough positive customer reviews then you will gradually increase your customer base. Always submit good quality work to distinguish yourself.

With this jobbing site, you can also offer your services from 5 euros. Remuneration is determined according to the skill level of the service provider. On this type of platform, it will be necessary to show great professionalism. This will help improve your reputation. By collecting several positive customer reviews, you will be able to increase your compensation.

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