Are you having difficult ends of the month? Are you looking for a second source of income to be able to live comfortably? On the web, there are different ways to increase your financial resources. Don’t worry, you won’t be forced to wager your money on online gambling sites. In order to receive interesting income, it will be necessary to accomplish missions offered by profitable sites. We have selected the best platforms that offer paid assignments.

1 How to recognize a reliable site?
1.1 Refer to the opinions of users about the site
1.2 Learn about the registration procedure
1.3 Find out about payment methods
2 What are the best sites offering paid assignments?
2.1 The various multi-remuneration sites
2.2 Sites to become a mystery shopper
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How to recognize a reliable site?

Internet users have access to countless platforms. It is therefore difficult to distinguish serious sites from scams. To avoid falling into the traps, it is important to choose the platform to trust.

Refer to the opinions of users about the site
Do a little investigation about the platform in question. Currently, many bloggers give their opinions on the best paying sites. On the various forums, users freely express their impressions of the platforms they have already tested. They don’t hesitate to recommend the most reliable ones. It will be easier to distinguish the sites which allow their users to collect their earnings.

Learn about the registration procedure

You should know that only 10% of online paying sites are trustworthy. The remaining 90% are trying to find different ways to extort money from Internet users.

Registration on these platforms must be free. The internet user shouldn’t have to pay a single penny. If a site tries to squeeze money from you, then beware.

Learn about payment methods
In principle, the preferred payment methods are bank transfer or PayPal transfer. In other words, no site is authorized to ask you for your credit card number or other sensitive personal data.

What are the best sites offering paid assignments?
In order to help Internet users, we have chosen the most reliable and profitable sites in the business.

The various multi-remuneration sites
They allow Internet users to perform small tasks. These are neither complicated nor time consuming. With this kind of paid assignments, financial income is determined according to the complexity of the tasks. Here are the most famous platforms in this field.

Moolineo and Loonea
These two sites are from a French company with its headquarters in Grenoble. They have pretty much the same deals. In return for payment, these platforms ask people to:

respond to paid surveys;
read emails;
visit sites;
share statuses on Facebook;
make purchases on partner sites, etc.
Each platform differs in its own way. You should know that Lonnea is the new kid on the block.

Small tip: when you are well established by the paid missions offered by Moolineo, register on Lonnea, or vice versa. As these platforms offer much the same missions, this will be an opportunity to make some extra money.

Register on moolineo

Register on loonea


  • The essential

This is a company created in the United States in 2008. However, it has recently entered the French market. On this site, no special skills are required. Among its missions, it invites you to:

follow up on surveys;
view videos;
test applications;
Research on the internet.
When a task is completed, the user receives SB (Swagbucks) points. They can be redeemed for cash or vouchers.

  • Some tips to earn more money

In order to optimize the gains on this platform, it is imperative to constantly monitor the offers that are present there. You can install the chrome extension or the Swagbucks app on mobile. It is a way that allows the user to be on the lookout for new developments.

By participating in the sponsorship program, the participant can obtain interesting additional earnings. To benefit from it, certain conditions must be met. For example, if during a month, one of your referrals manages to make 300 SB, you will receive 300 SB. It is equivalent to 3 euros.


● ySense

Previously it was known as Clixsence. It was founded in 2007. As a multi-payment site, it asks Internet users to test mobile applications and to answer paid surveys. It allows you to choose between three payment methods. They are Skrill, Neteller and Payonner.

● Gaddin

Despite the fact that this site has just recently appeared on the market, it has managed to fit in well with the community. He has even become a real reference in his field. This platform is specialized in paid surveys. But it also offers other side missions such as reading mail or visiting partner sites.

If you want to receive additional earnings, you have the option to test products or participate in the referral program. Every time you manage to add a new member, you can get 1 euro. Your earnings can reach between 20 to 30 euros.

Little tip: to be aware of Gaddin’s offers, create a dedicated email address for emails sent by the site.

Platforms specifically offering paid surveys

The majority of these sites pay with points. These can be redeemed for cash, vouchers or gift certificates.


The surveys on this site are mainly oriented towards the consumption habits and the leisure activities of Internet users. Usually the questions are about opinions about products, brands or services. Over the course of a month, the more a person responds to a survey, the higher their earnings. The cost of a survey is around 1 euro.

See the website

● My Opinion Matters

The advantage with this platform is that it works exclusively with major international brands. Each participant can complete multiple surveys during a month. He is free to answer multiple surveys.

Register on the site

● LifePoints

This site is distinguished by its safety and reliability. It was known as MySurvey. It is part of the heritage of Kantar. In terms of market research, this site holds second place in the international ranking. On this platform, remuneration is determined according to the urgency as well as the volume of assignments.

LifePoints sets itself apart from its competitors in a number of ways. In order to encourage users to choose it, it even goes so far as to offer a welcome bonus to new ones.


● Toluna

If you manage to complete multiple surveys then you will have the opportunity to maximize your earnings. At the moment, this platform has around 10,000,000 members. The best option to stay up to date with the latest news is to download the mobile app. This will make it more convenient to access new polls.

Register on the site

● Ba-click

Like other platforms, it offers remuneration if the internet user performs their duties in accordance with the rules of the art. Instead of using points, he favors corners. This is the virtual currency valid on Ba-click. You should know that 240 coins are equivalent to 1 euro. This site stands out thanks to its ergonomics and its really practical design.

Small tip: if you want to be informed of the latest news, you will have to refer to its Facebook page. By following Ba-click, you will be quickly informed of the latest news.

● GreenPanthera

Although this site only offers a limited number of surveys, its pay is attractive. If you opt for this platform, you will receive 4 euros upon registration.

Little tip: use the sponsorship system to optimize your earnings. You will have the right to receive 10% of the income of your referrals.

Sites for testing games or sites

If you like to try out new games or sites, you are going to like the following sites.

● Testapic

The remuneration on this platform is really interesting. For each test, the internet user can earn 7 euros. On average, the test only lasts 15 minutes. It is a site that is both reliable and accessible.

If you need to know more about it, all you have to do is get in touch with customer service. Its staff are responsive. A member of the team remains available to answer your questions.

● Nealite

Thanks to this platform, the user has the possibility of testing applications and different sites. At the end of the test, the user should give their impression of their personal experience when using the site or application. As compensation, Nealite offers a gift voucher of 50 euros.

● Appvip

With this site, you will collect freebies online. In return, it will be necessary to test applications and comment on them. Sometimes it also offers online surveys or contests. Any winnings, i.e. VIPiz, can be converted into cash. They will be paid to your PayPal account.

Other specialized platforms


It is a site that offers micro-services. This platform requires special skills. The missions offered there are writing, graphics, translation, etc.

The operation of is quite easy. You just need to upload a service you offer. On the platform, you can, for example, write: “for 5 euros, I will translate a text of 300 words for you. If a client is interested in your proposal, they will be required to pay even more. This mission can bring in between 200 to 500 euros. However, it will take a while before someone becomes interested in your post.

Little tip: to optimize your chances of finding customers, offer a number of services.

● Clicktune

With this site, you earn income based on the number of clicks you get. To generate links, you will be required to create a blog or a site. Every 1000 clicks, you can earn 2.5 euros. The remuneration is done via PayPal.

Little tip: to encourage your acquaintances or friends to click on your links, you have the right to share them on your social networks.

● Awbarre

Its operation is quite particular. The user must first install a surf bar. When this is done, he will have to click on each ad displayed on the bar. This site offers little remuneration. It is especially interesting for students looking for pocket money. It saves up to 20 euros. Its payment threshold is set at 10 euros. This platform offers a sponsorship system valid on 7 levels.

● Vacanceo

Are you a travel enthusiast? Do you like to share your experience on social networks? This platform may interest you. To get paid, you just need to give your opinions on a destination.

Little tip: if you’re traveling to a new destination, visit travel forums. This will give you an idea of ​​where you will land.

The ideal paid assignments for smartphones

How about making your mobile device profitable? To do this, just refer to two platforms.

● App Trailers

To earn money, the internet user only needs to watch videos. Even though the main language used by the site is English, it is quite easy to understand. To access this application, you must go to Google Play or App Store. The payment method is by PayPal.

● Winpixies

To receive additional income, the user must:

watch videos ;
respond to requests from sponsors.
Its payment is approximately 1 euro.

Sites to become a mystery shopper
With this kind of mission, the Internet user receives remuneration in return for a service for a company. Its mission is to give its opinion in order to improve the quality of a product or service (restaurant, travel, etc.). In carrying out his task, he must pass himself off as an ordinary customer.

● Client Reflection

With this site, the Internet user is reimbursed for his consumption, meals and purchases. The amount reimbursed is determined according to the complexity of the assignment. Payment is made by bank transfer. It takes place at the end of the following month.


The participant will be compensated. He will also be entitled to free products and services.

● Globis Survey

With this platform, it is possible to receive remuneration between 10 to 50 euros per mission. The time to be allocated for the missions is 1 hour maximum.

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