The job of YouTuber is a rather special job that has aroused the enthusiasm of a large part of the world population. Famous stars have managed to get interesting income only with this profession. Getting involved in this adventure is no small feat. To integrate this branch, it is necessary to show patience, rigor and regularity. This area raises several questions. Is it possible to earn a living by living from the income generated through this channel? How to proceed ? What are the most effective techniques?

1 ►Is it possible to live on youtube?
2 ▶ ︎Who can make money with YouTube?
3 ►Create a channel on YouTube
4 ▶ ︎Maintain your audience
5 ►What are the best strategies with YouTube?
5.1 ► Make affiliation
5.2 ▶ ︎Monetize your channel
5.3 ▶ ︎Create a sales funnel and capture emails on your channel.
5.4 ▶ ︎Publish sponsored content
5.5 ▶ ︎The link placement
5.6 ▶ ︎the Super Chat: is it a good plan?
5.7 ▶ ︎Sell your services on your channel.
5.8 ▶ ︎ Make money selling your videos
5.9 ▶ ︎How to make YouTube videos successful?
5.10 ▶ ︎How to optimize your videos on YouTube?
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►Is it possible to live on youtube?

Live from youtube

“What does it take to make money on YouTube?” Is the famous question that stuck in the minds of most internet users. Yes, it is possible to make an income from this channel, but it is not enough to post a lot of videos. There are many ways to generate income through YouTube, but you have to be prepared to deploy the means necessary to achieve it.

Even if famous characters like Cyprien, Norman or Squeezie manage to obtain excellent financial income, this will not necessarily be the case for everyone. You can make a living from the money you earn on this channel, but you’ll have to find your own way on YouTube. Some manage to earn income through humorous, relevant videos or tutorials, etc. Others tell their stories, experiences, etc. The key is to find an area where you can stand out and engage the audience.

▶ ︎Who can make money with YouTube?
YouTube is a platform accessible to everyone. In other words, everyone has the opportunity to generate financial income through this channel. But before you get started, you’ll need to answer the following questions:

Can you produce videos?
Do you have a talent for humor, artistry, etc. ?
Can you give some video lessons?
Are you able to advertise?
Do you have the ability to grab the attention of an online audience?
If you have answered “YES” to many of these questions, then you may give it a try. However, keep in mind that the competition on YouTube is tough. There are a number of ways to stand out and engage the public.

►Create a channel on YouTube

Before you can start your biggest YouTube adventure, you’ll need to start your own channel. It will have to be developed gradually before it can be monetized. This creation phase is the easiest step. As this platform is one of the many properties of Google, to create a channel, all you need is a Gmail address.

This is a fairly intuitive platform, you won’t have too much trouble uploading your videos. Once the channel creation phase is complete, it will have to be personalized. Change the cover photo. Remember to choose the keywords specific to your field of activity. To set yourself apart from your competition, go for a catchy name. The key is to make it easy for your visitors to remember your channel.

▶ ︎Maintain your audience
Understand your expectations. It is not enough to post just one video to achieve great results. In order to build your YouTube community, you will need to produce videos on a regular basis. Bet on originality.

To get a large audience, you will need to learn how to maintain the attention of your visitors. As soon as your audience starts to get bored listening to you, they’ll skip your video and switch to other channels. You’ll need to find a way to keep your audience going and get them to watch your videos until the end. This is how you will start to generate income on YouTube.

In fact, the way to have more clicks on your videos is to have a beautiful thumbnail that catches the eye and keep people as long as possible on your video, which will be favorable to your SEO on youtube.

In order to be able to earn enough income on YouTube, you need to generate traffic. The more your audience grows, the more likely you are to be successful. Some internet users will follow you naturally, while others will need you to invite them. In each of your videos, always encourage your audience to follow you by clicking on the “Like” button. So your audience will be notified every time you release something new. This is one of the most used ways to develop an audience.

►What are the best strategies with YouTube?
It is possible to generate a good income or have a salary supplement or even live from it thanks to your YouTube channel. It will be necessary to publish quality videos. There are different ways to do this.

► Make an affiliation
Affiliate marketing is a very well known practice. This technique involves proposing and encouraging an audience to acquire a product from a third party company. This method is quite advantageous. It allows you to benefit from a commission. If a customer purchases the product through the link provided in your video, its value may vary depending on the product category and price.

Examples of YouTube affiliate marketing videos include test videos and how-to guides. This kind of video consists of showing and presenting a specific product by listing the main advantages. To redirect Internet users to the product in question, you can place the link:

In the description of the video;
In the video itself.
This is common practice for Amazon Affiliate Creators, for example. During each sale, you will receive a remuneration. To optimize your chances, choose products that you master. Thus, it will be easier to produce quality content.

▶ ︎Monetize your channel
YouTube provides the opportunity for channel owners to monetize it. Through this process, it is possible to generate income through the serving of advertisements. These ads may appear before or during the broadcast of qualifying videos. To activate this feature, you just need to go to the advanced settings. You will only have to go to the second sub-menu which is “monetization”. To find out if you’ve ever requested to monetize your channel, just check your account status.

Before monetizing your account, you should carefully read the terms of the YouTube Partner Program. By familiarizing yourself with the terms of this program, you avoid account suspension issues. Once you have completed this step, you will need to link your channel to an AdSense account.

The amount of your income will depend on the type of ads served. To be eligible, you must:

Respect the monetization rules imposed by YouTube;
Live in a country where the YouTube partner program is valid;
Have more than 1,000 subscribers;
Have an associated AdSense account;
Accumulate over 4000 hours of valid public video views in the past 12 months.
Minors can also monetize their YouTube channel. It is only necessary that a guardian or a parent certifies having read the contract and gives his consent for the minor to benefit from the program.

▶ ︎Create a sales funnel and capture emails on your channel.
Youtube is a big source of traffic to attract customers to your own products.

Attract your prospects by offering them a freebie in the description. This practice is also known as lead magnet. This technique consists of offering visitors a gift in exchange for their email.

So you ask your Internet users to provide you with their emails, in exchange, you offer them a lead magnet like a free ebook, etc. Once you have captured the emails, they can serve you later. During your emailing campaigns, you can sell them paid training. Your prospects will be aware of the offers you offer. It’s also a great way to build loyalty with your audience and keep your subscribers informed about what’s new on your channel.

Let’s take an example: You are making drawing videos, you can offer an ebook in the description such as: 5 Tips to start drawing

Then, through an auto-responder, you will send an advice email sequence and you will be able to sell training on the theme of learning to draw and with a small audience live from Youtube.

▶ ︎Publish sponsored content
If you have excellent visibility, you can use it. This option is especially dedicated to influencers. If you have a large number of followers and views, brands may contact you to promote their products. In exchange, you will receive remuneration. Your income will depend on your industry as well as your degree of influence.

▶ ︎The link placement
In order to earn financial income with YouTube, don’t hesitate to include sponsored links in your videos. If your area of ​​expertise is, for example, new technology, you can make a comparison video on tablets. There may be large multimedia companies interested in placing links in your videos. But, in this context, you will still need to have thousands of views on your videos. It’s all about the popularity of the video. If it has a lot of notoriety, the cost of placing a link will be really high.

▶ ︎the Super Chat: is it a good plan?
This is a feature developed since 2017. However, this feature is still unknown to the public. This method involves monetizing comments. Super Chat is mostly used during live broadcasting. Subscribers can leave comments with live Super Chat. In this case, if people want to highlight their comments, they will have to pay money. Their comments will be at the top of the page. The amount paid will be credited to your account.

▶ ︎Sell your services on your channel.
Do you have specific expertise? How about shooting videos around this expertise? This is a way to increase your visibility to a more qualified audience. By being able to place yourself in a particular area, you can gradually expand your center of influence. Don’t forget to place a call to action in your videos and in your descriptions. Your subscribers will redirect to you if necessary. Thanks to this method, you will be able to offer your training and your consulting service.

▶ ︎ Make money by selling your videos
Some companies don’t want to allocate a specific budget for creating videos. They go to the web to find an interesting video to reuse. If you have content that is compelling enough, companies may contact you to purchase one of your creations. To ensure your back, make sure to protect your videos with a license. You can mention that you are ready to sell your rights to the video.

▶ ︎How to make YouTube videos successful?
If you want to make money with YouTube, you need to show:

Of perseverance;
Patience ;
Creativity and regularity.
It is not enough to post multiple videos. You also have to avoid giving up along the way. Take the time to produce unique, high-quality videos. Avoid embarking on this adventure in a rush. You have to invest time in this project, which requires great patience. Gradually improve the quality of your content and build up experience. To keep your subscribers and to optimize the number of views, you need to offer creative videos. Be passionate. Quality must come first. Better to publish one video per week than several poor quality content.

▶ ︎How to optimize your videos on YouTube?
Are you having trouble optimizing the videos on your YouTube channel? If you have a new channel, the process may take longer. On the other hand, you can participate in optimizing its referencing. You have to :

Put a description of your channel;
Use relevant keywords in your description;
Fill out your profile;
Put the links from your channel on your website;
Regularly produce videos;
Use tags.
In order for your video to rank well, you must take into account the key factors considered by the YouTube algorithm. These are for example the length of the video, the reaction of visitors, the viewing time, etc. Adjust your videos according to the needs of your audience. Offer them the right content. To increase your visibility, you can promote your videos on social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

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