Selling clothes online has been a hot trend in recent years. Indeed, it is both a good way to space the wardrobe a little, but also to save money. In addition, it has many advantages that we will present to you in this article. We will see later the best virtual places to sell clothes.

1 The advantages of using a site to sell clothes
1.1 No investment
1.2 No specific marketing strategy research
1.3 More chances to sell quickly
2 The best sites to sell clothes
2.1 Vinted
2.2 Dressing room
2.3 Once Again
2.4 Vestiaire Collective
3 Alternative sites for selling clothes
3.1 Facebook
3.2 Le Bon Coin
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The benefits of using a site to sell clothes

Selling clothes online does have some advantages over a physical store. This is what we will present to you below.

No investment

An online store does not require any investment, especially if you choose the free sites. You won’t have to invest in buying or renting premises, plus you won’t pay any additional charges. Online sales are therefore simple, free and without obligation. You just have to find the right site to sell and pocket the money you want.

No specific marketing strategy research
For a physical store, you need to find the best location to best attract customers. In the event that your premises are located on a low-traffic street, your chances of profitability are really reduced.

However, for online sales, there is no need to develop this whole protocol. All you need is an attractive ad and a competitive price. In other words, your strengths are only your products and nothing else.

More chances to sell quickly
With an online store, you actually have a better chance of selling your clothes quickly. Indeed, the virtual world has a large number of subscribers and there is no need for events to attract people. For a physical store, you have to wait for the holiday season to sell better than other days.

The best sites to sell clothes

There are indeed sites specializing only for the sale of clothing and fashion accessories. These are the best places to sell your clothes quickly and easily. So we are going to present to you the 7 best choices of online clothing sales sites.

Vinted is notably the reference site for selling clothes online. Vendors offer a wide choice of trendy clothes and the big brands are sold at low prices. It is a platform dedicated to the general public. Plus, there are no middlemen, so there are no commission fees to pay.

To sell on Vinted, you must first have a seller profile and then post your ads. However, they must be detailed for it to be accepted: size, condition, price, description and good quality photo. Failure to follow these details will result in your ad being refused.

Empty Dressing Room
Vide dressing is notably the opposite of Vinted. Indeed, this site specializes in the sale of luxury clothing products. Buyers are therefore those who are looking for authentic and high quality products for their wardrobe.

To be able to sell on Vide Dressing, your product must be genuine. Moreover, a professional will take care of the verification before the sale of each product. Then, a certificate of authenticity will accompany the package upon delivery.

It’s a site that will showcase your authentic clothes. But you will still have to pay a commission of 1 euro when transferring money to your bank account.

Once Again
Once Again is in particular a site which presents a certain difference compared to the others. Indeed, it is not a marketplace, but rather a site that buys your clothes at a certain price. The principle is to send your products and the site will take care of the estimate and then send you the amount due.

To be able to sell your clothes on Once Again, you will first need to have their brand on the Accepted List. Then they also need to be in good condition. This is so that the site can better resell them afterwards. Once all of this is verified, you will get a validation and the payment can be done without any hassle.

This site is also for those who don’t have a lot of time to sell and advertise. However, he will buy you your clothes at bargain prices. It is therefore a solution to be taken in the event of an extreme emergency.

Vestiaire Collective
Vestiaire Collective is also a platform for selling luxury clothing, especially major brands. It is similar to Vide Dressing.

In order for your clothes to be listed for sale, you must send them to the site address for authenticity verification. There are no shipping costs involved. Once the verification is done, it will be the site that will take care of the sale of the clothes. However, a commission of 20 to 50% will be taken from the selling price of your product.

Alternative sites for selling clothes
There are indeed specialized sites, but there are also virtual places that you can exploit to quickly sell your clothes.

· Facebook
The Facebook community keeps getting bigger every day. It is a platform that registers a very large number of users and where you can easily sell your clothes.

To do this, you just have to post your ad in the various Facebook groups and wait for the reaction of buyers. To better attract customers, you can also create pages and boost them for better visibility.

· The good corner
Le Bon Coin also allows you to sell your clothes between individuals. There are no middlemen and you will be in direct contact with your customers. So all you have to do is make your announcement and attract your prospects with a detailed product and an attractive price.

Exploiting the virtual world is indeed a good way to get customers very quickly. To sell your clothes online, all you have to do is choose from the sites we have offered. You will definitely make money by making money on clothes you don’t really wear anymore. So, it’s time to sort your closet.

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