The Internet is a real treasure mine, because there we find everything we need. It’s an unlimited source of information and it’s becoming an easy way to make money today. More and more profitable sites have emerged and developed for decades. Only, it is to be wondered if all these sites are reliable and really pay their users. To answer it, we are going to give you a presentation of the best reliable and paying sites that pay without forgetting to see some definitions and explanations on the subject.

1 ▶ ︎ What is a profitable site?
2 ►Why register on remunerative sites?
3 ▶ ︎ What types of paid assignments are offered on these sites?
4 ►The best reliable paying sites that pay well
4.1 1 – Toluna
4.2 2 – My Opinion Matters
4.3 3 – I-Say
4.4 4 – Moolineo
4.5 5 – Loonea
4.6 6 – Ba-Click
4.7 7 – Mingle
4.8 8 – Swagbucks
4.9 9 – Opening hours 24
4.10 10 – Neobux
4.11 11 –
4.12 12— AWBar
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▶ ︎ What is a profitable site?

A remunerative site is a dedicated platform to offer a small online mission. To do this, the user simply has to register on it and follow the instructions that correspond to each site. Generally, registration on such a site is free. As for the missions, they can be of all types and a wide choice is offered to you for this purpose. The duration of the mission usually lasts only a few minutes and in exchange you can collect points, gift certificates or vouchers. On the other hand, some sites offer users to pay their earnings to needy organizations.

►Why register on profitable sites?
To begin with, it should be noted that registering on profitable sites is easy and accessible to everyone. Therefore, young, old, working and unemployed can register for free. However, it is well to note that the earnings obtained on these sites cannot cover all the monthly expenses. We must perceive that a profitable site is a good way to make ends meet. It’s just an income supplement. Moreover, whatever the site, the tasks to be accomplished are quite simple to perform and do not require any prior knowledge. As most of the remunerative platforms exist in application, you can carry out the paid missions quietly wherever you are on your smartphone or your tablet.

▶ ︎ What are the types of paid assignments offered on these sites?

In the beginning, paid sites offered only traditional assignments like reading advertising emails, answering questionnaires and taking an online survey. Currently, the types of missions are diversifying, among others paid clicks, browser bars, product tests or even hosting videos and films. Some of these sites accumulate all missions and are called multigain sites. In addition to paid assignments, remunerative sites also have other very interesting advantages such as the cashback system, sweepstakes, contests and more. All of these have been introduced to motivate users.

►The best reliable paying sites that pay well
However, not all profitable sites are reliable. A few profit and have a reputation for not paying what is owed to its users. In order to better guide you in your choice, we have made a selection of the best reliable and well paying sites for you below.

1 – Toluna

Toluna is one of the best paid survey sites online. This site is serious and currently has over 80 million members to its credit. Upon registration, you can earn between 500 and 8000 points. Companies that are keen to improve their services or products use this profitable site in order to gain public audience.

By registering on Toluna, you would therefore be required to answer a series of questionnaires sent to your e-mail box. The more you participate, the more points you will receive which will be accumulated and redeemed for gift cards or cash. This site also offers other systems for making money such as cashback and sponsorship. Toluna continues to be the leader when it comes to collecting panel opinions because they believe every user opinion counts.

2 – My Opinion Counts

Like its predecessor, this site is also a paid online survey site. He is one of the best, because his experience of 30 years allows him to be a reference in this field. Through this site, it is possible to earn and accumulate points by completing paid surveys in which you are invited to participate. For each form received, it takes between 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete it. Depending on the size of the form, you would be paid between $ 0.5 to $ 5. So, you can expect to earn between € 30 to € 100 per month.

The great advantage of this site is that the payment threshold is relatively low. Indeed, you can cash your winnings from 2.5 €, an easily attainable threshold. Regarding the withdrawal of earnings, it is possible to collect them in the form of an Amazon gift certificate or by a withdrawal on PayPal.

3 – I-Say

Designed by the French group Ipsos, I-Say is a paid survey site. He is surely one of the world leaders in market research. He works on behalf of several businesses and corporations who want to know the opinions of the public in order to improve their products or services. The principle is to accumulate as many points as possible by completing online surveys. When you have enough points, you can redeem them for gift vouchers. From time to time, the site offers users to test products.

I-Say therefore remains an easy way for you to receive free products and earn freebies. You can also participate in more comprehensive surveys that allow you to participate in contests and win sizeable prizes. Finally, this site stands out from its competitors, because it is the only one that offers these users to donate their earnings.

4 – Moolineo

Created in January 2005, Moolineo is a multigain site which mainly focuses on the principle of paid emails. Concretely, this consists in receiving an advertising mail, particularly newsletters via his mailbox. So, you just have to read his emails to get the promised earnings. To do this, you need to click on the email and keep it open for a few seconds.

There are also times when you are invited to take paid surveys, test products or samples. The site offers games, contests and other income-generating activities, among other things. Moolineo also applies the referral system so that you can earn even more. Your sponsorship commission can amount to € 1.20 per sponsored godchild. The commission is credited to your account when your referral is validated. For payment, the minimum threshold is € 15.

5 – Loonea

Loonea has the same functionalities as Moolineo. Moreover, these two profitable sites belong to the same company. As a result, the interfaces of these two sites are similar, and they offer the same types of missions. Thus, Loonea allows you to earn money by reading emails and completing online survey questionnaires. This multi-payment site also allows you to earn money by registering on partner sites or simply by visiting them.

On Loonea, the payment threshold is from € 15 and can be done by check or PayPal. At the same time, this site offers you a sponsorship system which can earn you a commission of € 1.2 per registered referral. In addition, it regularly organizes referral contests and saves you money through the cashback offers it offers on product tests.

6 – Ba-Click

This site is also one of the best multi-remuneration sites of the moment. He’s the same type as Gaddin, Moolineo, and Toluna. By registering on Ba-Click, you will therefore be required to carry out various missions for which you would be paid. And the higher the number of missions, the more Coins you would accumulate. Coins are virtual currencies used on this site which can be converted into cash. For 240 Coins, you will get 1 €.

Unlike the basic designs of other sites, Ba-Click stands out with its ergonomic interface. In order to collect the maximum amount of Coins, it is advisable to carry out special missions. For that, you have to click and like the Facebook page of the site. This way you would be informed quickly of all new assignments.

7 – Mingle

It’s a popular survey site now. As proof, more than one million euros were donated to the participants. Mingle-Paid Surveys are offered as cumulative products redeemable for cash. Payment can be made on PayPal, by gift voucher on Amazon, Zalando or even Décathlon. This survey site also quite often organizes sweepstakes to compensate new members.

8 – Swagbucks

As a multi-remuneration site, Swagbucks offers various paid assignments to participants. Through various tasks, he offers to earn SPs to these members in order to exchange them for cash or gift certificates. Among other things, here are some types of paid assignments on this site: paid registration, game testing, response to survey questionnaires, use of search engine not to mention reading emails. This site also offers many cashback offers so you can save money on your online purchases.

9 – Opening hours 24

This site is original and unique. Indeed, as its name suggests, Opening Hours24 is a site that lists the hours as well as the opening days of various businesses and stores in all cities of France. It therefore links the useful with the pleasant and this is the reason why more than 5 million Internet users search and find schedules thanks to this site. This site then offers its participants the opportunity to provide opening hours and to remunerate them in exchange. Each schedule is added to the database and allows you to earn points that can be accumulated and redeemed for money.

10 – Neobux

Néobux is a site dedicated to paid clicks and remains the best known and most used in this field. This site now has several thousand subscribers per day. Therefore, it pays back thousands of dollars daily to its users. The missions offered on this site are: clicks on sponsored offers, microtasks and referral programs. This site also offers other types of paid clicks.

11 –

As the name suggests, this site is based on the win-win sponsorship system, meaning that the sponsors and the downline share their earnings. This site is an easy recruiting system and makes money easy and fast. The more referrals you find, the more chance you have of increasing your earnings.

12— AWBarre

Specializing in the field of surf bars, AWBarre is a profitable site that allows you to both have fun and earn money. Concretely, the missions proposed by this site consist in installing software which runs advertising loops. AWBarre is surely the best paid surf bar site. It stands out from its competitors with respect to its payment rate which is higher with a withdrawal threshold of € 10. In addition, it also offers other missions like paid clicks and online games.

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